Wordrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are a good way to utilize space when packing.

Make a List

Keeping track of everything that enters the moving van is essential. You’ll realize right away if an item is missing this way. If you don’t keep track of your inventory, you’re taking a lot more risks. It’s important that the lists be kept separate from the boxes, and the boxes should be numbered along with a general description of each one’s contents.


Make sure all Valuables, Financial records and personal information are kept on oneself.

Strategic Box Use

Each box should have its contents listed, as well as the box’s room destination. Unpacking at your new location will go much faster this way. Also be sure to label fragile items.

Color Coordinate

Color coordinating boxes from different rooms makes it easy for unpacking and identifying things when unpacking. Different color codes makes it easier for the customer and the movers to identify where each unpacked boxes goes.

Plenty of Supplies

This is essential. Strong, sturdy boxes are a must, and should be reinforced with packing tape when carrying particularly heavy items.